Spirituality and Healing

I have recently started my journey into spirituality, with the beliefs that I can control my life with my thoughts. The idea is that the universe gives you back the same energy that you put forth. I have began journal scripting as a method of manifestation. For manifestation to work you must act as if what you desire is already yours. You have to show gratitude and actively work towards these goals. I have also been trying to meditate and align my chakras, which are different energy points in the body. Each chakra can affect you differently if it is either blocked or overactive. There is a lot to learn about this topic but so far it has helped balance my life a little bit. I have just bought my first crystals which are citrine, for abundance and reaching goals, and tigers eye, for protection and resilience. Crystals must be cleansed and charged so that only your energy is absorbed. Cleansing can be done in several ways such as smudging with sage, soaking in rain or salt water, or burying it for short period of time. To charge it you can do things like leave it in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Here I will include some links to explain a few of these sub-topics to give you a better understanding.



Voting in a pandemic

Due to Covid-19, voting is going to look a little different this year. This is my first year being able to vote legally. It can be overwhelming for first time voters since we may not all know the process. States are trying to make it feasible for everyone to get an opportunity to vote by November 3rd. While the polls will still be an option, you can also do early voting or fill out an absentee ballot. The absentee ballot can be printed from home, filled out, and then mailed. This is the safest option in terms of social distancing. I wanted to share this information because it is something I did not know about at first. You can go to Vote.org to find the absentee ballot, as well as find poll locations, early voting locations, and ballot drop boxes. The website gives a lot of useful information if you are new to voting and are unsure of what to do. I encourage everyone to participate in voting in this election, and to take advantage of the absentee ballot to reduce numbers at the polls.


The Importance of the 2020 Election

The U.S has been through a lot of struggles this year including the corona-virus outbreak, the black lives matter protests, wildfires, immigration at the border, and more.  A lot of these topics have been up for debate politically, each side having different views.  The problem is that these issues are not political- they are life and death.  If these problems continue going unsolved and ignored, serious consequences will occur.  A study shows how Trump supporters and Biden supporters feel about the importance of certain topics when deciding their vote:

  1. Corona-virus outbreak- 82% of Biden supporters, 39% of Trump supporters
  2. Race and ethnic equality- 76% of Biden supporters, 24% of Trump supporters
  3. Climate change- 68% of Biden supporters, 11% of Trump supporters
  4. Health care- 84% of Biden supporters, 48% of Trump supporters

Link to survey page

2020 candidates policies 

You will notice a pattern in the results.  Many Trump supporters do not care about these important issues, which is interesting.  I have included another link to a Washington Post site with a list of Trump and Biden’s policies.  It is up to everyone to do their own research and educate themselves to make the right choice morally and ethically.  This country needs change and this election is one of the most important in history.