Spirituality and Healing

I have recently started my journey into spirituality, with the beliefs that I can control my life with my thoughts. The idea is that the universe gives you back the same energy that you put forth. I have began journal scripting as a method of manifestation. For manifestation to work you must act as if what you desire is already yours. You have to show gratitude and actively work towards these goals. I have also been trying to meditate and align my chakras, which are different energy points in the body. Each chakra can affect you differently if it is either blocked or overactive. There is a lot to learn about this topic but so far it has helped balance my life a little bit. I have just bought my first crystals which are citrine, for abundance and reaching goals, and tigers eye, for protection and resilience. Crystals must be cleansed and charged so that only your energy is absorbed. Cleansing can be done in several ways such as smudging with sage, soaking in rain or salt water, or burying it for short period of time. To charge it you can do things like leave it in the sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Here I will include some links to explain a few of these sub-topics to give you a better understanding.



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